Thursday, November 12, 2009

NEW MOON Fashion

This is when I wish I had tons of moola! I know I'm so greedy and SUCH a nerd, but I'm so so so excited for New Moon to come out! I bought a t-shirt for Twilight and so I thought I'd go get a New Moon one from Hot Topic because I know they have them and that's where I got it last year. But someone told me last night that Nordstroms has a whole line dedicated to the movie! I had to stop there first. They had tons of cute clothes! A lot of it was screen tees but they had the perfect sweaters and pants, jewelry and hats to go with them - all New Moon themed! Unfortunately everything was just barely out of my movie t-shirt budget so I didn't get anything. I'm still considering it (even tho I went to Hot Topic and got a shirt anyway. It's returnable, lol) and I'm back at them mall tomorrow for work and lunch with a couple of siblings so we'll see what happens ;-). Watch this video to get an idea of what they have:

It's a little cheesy but she does a good job of showing what they have.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fashion

It's been so long! And I know, I know, it's not really fall anymore but, it blends so well with winter fashion and I just can't let it go right away! These pics are a few of my staples this fall-things I've been using constantly! First of all, do you recognize that red purse? Yup! It's from that outfit I tried to remake from the Buckle I couldn't stop looking at it and so I finally just bought it and I LOVE it! I am almost always basing my outfit around it.
Then there's those boots I bought from, I told you I was going to get something from there! I love those boots too! They're super cute and slouchy and they work with a ton of outfits. I love my skinny jeans now because it means that I get to wear those boots!
Speaking of boots. I love short boots! I used to think they were ugly but since I've researched a little on what to wear them with (skirts, leggings, short shorts if you wear them :) I found these(below) at Forever Young shoes and to make a long story short, I got them for free! It was an awesome day *grins* I love the scrunched up look and it has kind of a square toe that you can't see (same as the heels further below) and they are 5" heels that make me feel very tall! SO CUTE!

And last there's the black Gucci purse (no it's not real, I'm definitely not rich) but I love it too! It's huge, it has tons of pockets and I love the slouchy look once again.
My basic fall outfit now is slouchy sweater or layers on top, skinny jeans and boots! It's so simple but I love how it looks and it's easy to put together! That's basically it but I also posted more pics below of some of my other favorites but am not going to go into detail about it.
Thanks for reading!