Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jewelry Organizer

I have a problem. It is that I have WAY too much jewelry! I can't let go of it if there is a slight chance that I could make something new out of it someday if I get bored of it. So, every "necklace holder" I find in the stores don't have near enough hooks or space to hold all of my chunky jewelry. I found this awesome idea on the DIYDISH to organize your necklaces and hair accessories. It is so cute! Here is my version of what they did: This is how I used to store my necklaces
Effective, sorta...These are the ingredients (The DIY Dish girls put it straight on the wall, but I live in an apartment and don't want to glue, or put too many holes in the wall so I used a cardboard lid and flattened it out and covered it was gold striped tissue paper. Pretty ;)Here's how it looks on the wall! It's prettier in person...And here it is with necklaces on it. Very effective I must say!

Try it! It's simple, easy, organized and cute!

Watch the video to see how these cute sisters do it:

And go to the website to see more pics of how it all came together so cute!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall fashion boost

Well, I know it's been so long and I apologize for that. Between moving a few states away and getting new jobs it's been a little crazy! I will give you a quick re-cap of Fashion's Night Out. It was super fabulous! I took some pictures and as soon as I can find my camera to computer cord I will update those. Besides all the free booze they were passing out like candy on Halloween, there was quite a bit going on. There was a cute flower shop that had these delicious macarons (not macaroons) that I resisted eating more than one (what was I thinking? They were to DIE for!), there was a horde of important and very beautifully dressed people inside the Christian Loubouton boutique. I was in there for only a few minutes mostly because I couldn't even see the shoes on display! Slightly disappointing, but it was a very exciting environment to be in. The Chanel boutique was offering complimentary manicures and make-up, I was by myself and felt a little funny waiting in line for that in such a high end store so I ended up leaving after oogoling over the beautiful clothing and purses! I went inside Anthropologie for the first time (I have since gotten a job there! I know, you are all jealous!!) and was flabergasted by the decor and awesome displays they have! I mean, it's snowing in there, there's a forest, there's a french living room, and a fantasy bedroom, it's fantastic!! Other than that I wandered around the awesome outdoor mall of Highland Park and saw some beautiful and luxurious clothing and accessories, but most of all SHOES! Next year, I will go with a friend and we will do way more and have a much more fantastic time. Okay, who wants to go?

Well now, for your fashion boost! If you are in any sort of position like me, (money flew out the window and cannot be located at this time) you will understand how hard it is to get a new wardrobe every fall (someday...). I was emailed this video from Buckle on the ultimate fall closet. It is an awesome video on how to revamp what you already may have and wear it MANY different ways. It's some quick changing but I got very inspired by this to revamp my own fall clothes to feel like I've been on some crazy shopping spree! Check it out: Ultimate Closet::Fall 2010

Please tell me what you think and if you have any re-vamp the closet ideas.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a post of your favorite fall outfits. Send me some pics of you in your outfit and you'll be on next weeks blog!

Until next time....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

So, as some of you may know, it is fashion week in New York! Well, I recently moved to Dallas and in me and my husbands wandering around the city where we usually end up at different malls I found out that there is going to be a fashion week here! YES! I am so excited because Utah just doesn't do this! There is a lot of money here and that equals a lot of high fashion. The one event I am most excited about is Dallas' Fashion Night Out. It is Friday, September 1oth, in other words, THIS FRIDAY! Woah, can you tell I'm excited? Here's a link to some of the goings on at only ONE of the malls doing this. Don't worry, the bubbly and cocktails won't tempt me ;) Okay, okay, the REAL reason I am so excited is because my favorite shoe designers is opening a boutique on that night and they are having a grand opening party for the public! Christian Louboutin! Don't worry I will take SO many pictures and have an update next week. Sorry so short, but I just wanted to give a heads up so you'll check back next week. Oh, and, who wants to go with me?

Friday, February 12, 2010


I do want to apologize for taking SO long to do this post! Life has come and started to run my life! There's no good excuse, just life! I decided to really boil down and do it after talking to my cousin who I found out actually checks this thing often! (Thanks Tiff!!!) I feel loved =)
First things first, thank you Aubree for suggesting this topic because I love everything with ruffles! Please check out her post after finding out she won the Forever21 gift card (the shirt is SO awesome!)
After much lusting after purses, shoes, acceessories, jewelry, shirts and skirts I think I may have found a great look book per say of some awesome ruffles. Ruffles are taking over the fashion world! They're everywhere and I LOVE IT! Make sure and read the bottom for an exciting giveaway from my work (DownEast)! Featuring artists from etsy, designers at fashion week and your local retailers here is some dang cute stuff!

Ruffled Tangerine Necklace in Baboush's Etsy Shop
Ruffle Linen Handbag from Murwati's Etsy Shop
Swanky Bloom headband from

DEJAVUoldandnew's Etsy shop

New York Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week
Reunited Top from DownEast
Skirt from Forever 21
Snowflake Cardigan from DownEast
Tuxedo Top from DownEast

Frosted Flowers Cardigan from DownEast

Which one is your favorite? You could win a $10 gift card to DownEast!
(must be a follower of the blog and leave a comment with your favorite ruffles item and a way to contact you. If you live out of state you can get an egiftcard for their website, just let me know what you would prefer =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Thank you for all your great ideas! This was fun but there can only be one winner. Her idea was something I've been thinking about and have been obsessed with lately! I will post something tomorrow after getting more info about it.

And the winner is.......


I love your idea for ruffles! I have also seen them everywhere and want more and more! Thank you again and please email me with your adress so I can send you the gift card.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ever heard of I hadn't til today! Already I'm loving their cute crafts and ideas. If you love to sew and create your own fashion then check them out! They are also giving away TWO sewing machines (one is an embroidery machine) then enter on their website. Watch this introduction video to their new website:

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I need your help.

Hi everyone! I need YOU to decide my next blog post! I will do a well researched post about your idea for a new fashion topic. It can be about a new trend, a fashion icon, a designer or something more creative that you can come up with. Simply become a follower if you're not already and leave a comment with the topic info on it. If I choose yours than you will get a $10 gift card to Forever21. I know, not much but they have great prices! So be creative and I'll close this contest on Saturday, February 6th 2010. Thanks so much!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trend Alert!

In case you haven't noticed, there is something that is taking over the shelves of the "trendy" or some of you might call them "teeny-bopper" stores. Maybe after Michael Jacksons passing the fashion world decided to fall back to his style. What is it? Military inspired clothing is popping up everywhere I go! Okay, okay, maybe not EVERYWHERE but it's definitely taking a huge part in the our fashion. Check out these photos and see what you think.
model Tiiu loves it....
It didn't get past the runway... Celebs are loving it....

I personally wouldn't mind a jacket or two (like the one from Armani Exchange in the turquoise dress) but some things are a little extreme for my taste. If you're interested go to these links to check out what you can buy!
Nordstroms(men and women)
Or Check out these pics and article out of Marie Claire magazine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shoes AGAIN!

Oh great, I've done it again! I found a website with funky and cute SHOES. Don't worry, I didn't buy anything - yet. Everything on their website seems so unique and fresh! Please check out WAY cute stuff! Shoes, accessories, clothes. So fun! And affordable too! The pics are some of my favorite finds.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Drum roll please..............

The earrings go to:


Congrats! And congrats on the engagement!! Please enjoy your earrings!
*And e-mail me @ with your contact info*

RoudyJ said...

I got a fiance! Well sorta. We didn't see each other for Christmas so he set up a "Christmas" dinner when I flew to Colorado to see him. And he proposed with dessert. A cake that said "Jes, Will you marry me?"

P.S. I was going to use RANDOM.ORG but they wanted to charge money so I went with the ol' pull the names randomly out of a hat! Thanks everyone for participating!

My Muse

Let me tell you a story. A story you all very well may know. There was a girl named Rebecca Bloomwood, and she LOVED to shop. She more than loved it, it was her life! She was a Shopaholic. I draw so many parallels to her story it's a little scary although I am NOT in $16,000 worth of debt. She said it best when she said "When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again."( I hate shopping! I hate it because it's SO addicting! And it's so true that "A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed"(
So, my point to this? Well, I am in debt from my habits and I need to fix it. I propose to sell my biggest weakness: my shoes. As anyone close to me will tell you, I have a lot of shoes. I don't have hundreds or any disgusting number like 384, but I have a lot more than I need. Anyone interested? I think I'll post some pictures later(the green ones above are for sale too), or maybe on facebook to show you what shoes I can part with - still cute! I swear! And the best part is that I have so many shoes that they are all in pretty good shape. Oh btw, I'm a size 9. So what say ye fashion blog followers? Should I hold a private shoe selling party here in my home? Eh? Eh? Huh? Come on!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was at Forever21 a few weeks ago and I tried on about 3 or 4 different outfits I put together. I took pics of them but then I decided it wasn't the greatest idea to post them without permission from F21. So, I went on their website and put those outfits together on Polyvore. This way you can click on the links to find out where they came from! I'm a little late in posting this because they are holiday party outfits: casual, work, and family. See what you think!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know you've all been waiting for this... I am going to give one lucky commenter(is that a word?) a FREE pair of handmade earrings (made by me) to get more of an interest in my blog. Here's the deal: become a follower of this blog, post a comment below about your favorite thing you got for Christmas and I will RANDOMLY pick* someone to send these awesome(sorry the pics aren't great-camera was being temperamental) earrings to! I will contact the winner thru e-mail to get all the shipping info and they will get some free jewelry in the mail! YAY!!! No jokes here, I would just like more people to enjoy my blog!

About the earrings: they were made by myself with purple swarovski crystals, they are made with a plated metal earwire(if you need a sterling silver one let me know, but they won't look as good =), they'll come with some rubber stoppers and they are very light! You won't even know they're there.

Tell all your friends that you think may be interested in some free earrings! Thanks!!!

Interested in more of my jewelry? Check out my Etsy shop!

*NOTE: I'll announce the winner on Monday, January 11th, 2010.