Saturday, August 29, 2009

D.I. Haul!

I think I may have something here.... This is the outfit below re-invented with what I could find at D.I. It's definatly not the same and there's a couple of things I'd rather have in the Buckle outfit (let's be real-I want that purse with the flower detailing REALLY bad ;-) but! for the most part I think I re-created the outfit pretty good! They didn't have any scarves there :-( I really like that accessory in the B outfit The jeans were actually from B, but instead of $80 in the store, they were only $8 at D! The plaid shirt is not the same style as the one at B and it was way too big so that was kind of a downer. I loved the vest with the pocket details and shoes were cute (they didn't have them in my size, but they were offered in a few different ones)! The purse was cute too! And they were only asking $1.50! I do need to clarify that all the jewelry is mine but it went well with the outfit so I showed it. It does go to show that you can just go thru your closet and re-invent what you already have! Haha it was so fun to go re-create this outfit and I think I'll do it more often! Please tell me what you think and I highly suggest you trying this out! Go to your local thrift or discount store to find an affordable fashionable look! Thanks ya'll!

From the Buckle to D.I.

I'm soo excited! I'm giving myself a challenge! I was browsing one of my favorite stores The Buckle online, looking at their shop by outfit section and found a super cute selection they had put together. I wanted to see how much it would cost if I wanted everything they suggested in that particular outfit and it added up to $319. Can you say ouch? Recently, my husband told me that his cousin buys all her clothes from D.I. and I couldn't believe him because she is always super trendy and so cute! So, my challenge is to take this picture to D.I. with me and see how similar I can get to this outfit. I got some time opened up today so I'm going to go try it! Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alright! So I've been seeing these boots, and not only in the cheaper fashion world but also in the high end fashion world like these black ones from and the tan ones from Christian Louboutin. Can anyone tell me the point of these??? They are soo U.G.L.Y!!! I had a hard enough time with the fringe boots (well, some people can pull them off and make them look so fun) but to put a hole in the toe AND the top of the foot?? Aren't boots for fall and winter to keep your toes warm? Not to mention it's not attractive AT ALL! Then with the black ones to make it look like sling back wedges with a peep toe is just too much. I love ChristianLouboutin shoes because he created the best looking classic shoes so I was pretty disappointedwhen I came across those boots. It's like they've run out of new designs... which I think is okay! The classics are the best. The End!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Avon product of the week!

Ok, I picked this white and gold dress from the Markalog because it's
very versitile! I love the jacket she's wearing but you could also do
a small cardagin and strappy heels instead of the tights with chunky
jewelry and it can be worn all year long! Any other ideas?

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So, even after a whole night of creating a blog and not sleeping, I still managed to look decently cute today! A jean skirt with a bright green tee with a super cute white halter on top. For shoes I decided to go semi-fall with my brown suede boots and brown leggings. I'm very pleased that thru my tired daze I look cute!


Wow! I just discovered this website (it's amazing what you can find
when you can't sleep) called and they have tons of cute
boots for cheap! I definatly found where I'm buying my fall/winter
boots! I'll narrow it down to a few pairs that I'm thinking about and
post pictures!

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Ok! I'm excited for this! I'm basically going to blog my fashion likes, dislikes, questions, cute outfits I may have on, and I will definately have a featured AVON product on here hopefully once a week. And I will warn you that shoes will take this thing over like crazy!!! Please enjoy and feel free to comment!

"I do not profess to be an expert in fashion, but my friends say I have quite the eye!" ~Mrs. Elton.