Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alright! So I've been seeing these boots, and not only in the cheaper fashion world but also in the high end fashion world like these black ones from and the tan ones from Christian Louboutin. Can anyone tell me the point of these??? They are soo U.G.L.Y!!! I had a hard enough time with the fringe boots (well, some people can pull them off and make them look so fun) but to put a hole in the toe AND the top of the foot?? Aren't boots for fall and winter to keep your toes warm? Not to mention it's not attractive AT ALL! Then with the black ones to make it look like sling back wedges with a peep toe is just too much. I love ChristianLouboutin shoes because he created the best looking classic shoes so I was pretty disappointedwhen I came across those boots. It's like they've run out of new designs... which I think is okay! The classics are the best. The End!


  1. I was sooo worried that you liked these! I saw the pics first and thought "YUCK" and then I read your post. Hooray!!! I am not so out of it!

  2. I agree with the overall assessment of the fringe "heel-boots" as ugly. I think the having third row of fringe and the clash between angle of the heel, the cut of the fringe and the open toe put it into the revolting category for me.

    The black ones I think are mainly disadvantaged by the open hole and heel. I find the contrast of the pattern of the "boot" part with the strap and buckle interesting.