Saturday, August 29, 2009

D.I. Haul!

I think I may have something here.... This is the outfit below re-invented with what I could find at D.I. It's definatly not the same and there's a couple of things I'd rather have in the Buckle outfit (let's be real-I want that purse with the flower detailing REALLY bad ;-) but! for the most part I think I re-created the outfit pretty good! They didn't have any scarves there :-( I really like that accessory in the B outfit The jeans were actually from B, but instead of $80 in the store, they were only $8 at D! The plaid shirt is not the same style as the one at B and it was way too big so that was kind of a downer. I loved the vest with the pocket details and shoes were cute (they didn't have them in my size, but they were offered in a few different ones)! The purse was cute too! And they were only asking $1.50! I do need to clarify that all the jewelry is mine but it went well with the outfit so I showed it. It does go to show that you can just go thru your closet and re-invent what you already have! Haha it was so fun to go re-create this outfit and I think I'll do it more often! Please tell me what you think and I highly suggest you trying this out! Go to your local thrift or discount store to find an affordable fashionable look! Thanks ya'll!

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