Thursday, November 12, 2009

NEW MOON Fashion

This is when I wish I had tons of moola! I know I'm so greedy and SUCH a nerd, but I'm so so so excited for New Moon to come out! I bought a t-shirt for Twilight and so I thought I'd go get a New Moon one from Hot Topic because I know they have them and that's where I got it last year. But someone told me last night that Nordstroms has a whole line dedicated to the movie! I had to stop there first. They had tons of cute clothes! A lot of it was screen tees but they had the perfect sweaters and pants, jewelry and hats to go with them - all New Moon themed! Unfortunately everything was just barely out of my movie t-shirt budget so I didn't get anything. I'm still considering it (even tho I went to Hot Topic and got a shirt anyway. It's returnable, lol) and I'm back at them mall tomorrow for work and lunch with a couple of siblings so we'll see what happens ;-). Watch this video to get an idea of what they have:

It's a little cheesy but she does a good job of showing what they have.

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